Scoping - we work with you to spot the full scale of the standard for your organization and offer advice on how and where any breaches could be reduced.
Gap analysis -we spot any part of your networks, systems and business procedures that need to be addressed to ensure you pass before you go ahead with the full audit.
Achieving compliance -we perform the audit and verify your compliance by working with you to properly fill in the self-assessment questionnaire or by performing a full QSA audit.
Maintaining compliance -we look over the security logs your company has maintained, reviewing system and security parameters to ensure continuity in reporting, faster accreditation and reduced costs.
Internal / external network vulnerability scanning - we run the vulnerability scans which are mandated quarterly by the PCI DSS Council; the productivity is a full report which ranks vulnerabilities from 1 (lowest risk) to 5 (highest risk) and categorizes any required corrective actions.
External penetration testing (ethical hacking) -we perform the external penetration testing or ethical hacking, which is required for large (level one) merchants and payment service providers annually.